A Risk Score Calculator for Cardiovascular Disease

All values are required for the risk score to be calculated, except Creatinine and Height, for which if not known the average sex specific levels will be used instead. Note that you must specify the units for Total Cholesterol(mmol/l or mg/dl), Height(cms or inches) and Creatinine (µmol/l or mg/dl).

Age: years
Sex: Male Female
Current cigarette smoker: No Yes
Systolic blood pressure : mm Hg
Total cholesterol: mmol/l mg/dl
Creatinine if known: µmol/l mg/dl
Height: cms inches

Does the patient have:

diabetes? No Yes
left ventricular hypertrophy? No Yes
Has the patient already had:
a myocardial infaction? No Yes
a stroke? No Yes


This calculator was designed and implemented by: Mike Bennett, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.